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Core pull protection

A security fitting is the casing around a lock that the door handle that belongs to ensures that a door can open and close. There are different types of security fittings with different functions. You have normal security fittings, but also design security fittings. These fittings are tailored to the house and the door to really display a unique character: in various colours. There are also security fittings that are aimed at providing extra security.

Prevent core pulling

Core pulling is very simple. Using a drill, the burglar screws a screw into the cylinder lock of the door. The screw with cylinder is then pulled out of the door with a hammer. Now that the thief has access to the lock, it is a matter of turning the lock with a construction key or screwdriver and the door is open. Core pulling is a burglary method in which burglars turn a screw in the cylinder. The cylinder is then pulled out of the fitting with a so-called core puller. Because this method of breaking in is becoming more and more common, we recommend that you provide your door with anti-core pull fittings.

How do I Prevent a Burglary.

The 3 most important tips: How do I prevent a burglary.
1. When it is dark, always make sure there is a light on, eg in the living room or hall. Show whether the house is occupied.
2. When you leave, close all windows and doors. Make sure that you lock the front door and back door properly.
3. Store valuables such as laptops, jewellery, money and ensure that the mail is removed when you are on vacation. If you have valuable paintings on the wall or an expensive OLED LCD TV, close the curtains or lower the blinds. A burglar always first looks to see if there is anything valuable to get.