Locksmith Amsterdam

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Open lock without damage

When the door is only closed and not locked, our specialists can open it with special tools. When the door is locked, in many cases the cylinder must be drilled out. Our lock specialists opened the lock without further damage to the door. We always have a large number of locks and cylinders with us to be able to lock the door immediately. We work with SKG-approved cylinders a which gives you the guarantee that a high-quality lock will be replaced.

How do we work?

When you call us, we immediately get into the car. We do our best to get to you within 20 minutes so you don’t have to be locked out for too long. Once we arrive on location, we immediately get to work. It doesn’t matter if there has been a break-in or if your key has simply broken off. We always have the right materials with us. It is possible that the burglary damage is too large to repair in one go. In that case, we will install an emergency lock. With this we still secure your home and prevent a next burglary. The next day we come back to repair the last damage.

Have your door opened urgently

You can use the following services if you have a lock opened urgently:

Clear prices

Being locked out is annoying enough. That is why we at Locksmith Amsterdam work with clear and fixed rates. We discuss the work in advance and provide a quote. This way you know exactly what to expect when we get started. We understand that you do not always have cash with you in the event of an emergency. That’s why our locksmiths always carry an ATM with them.

Key broken inside the lock

As a key expert, you see several problems surrounding the locks on a door: outdated locks that need to be replaced, people who accidentally lock themselves out or locks that have been badly damaged during a burglary attempt. One of the problems that people can solve more easily themselves is removing a broken key from a lock. Of course you can call Locksmith Amsterdam for this problem, because we are happy to help you solve this problem.

24/7 lock service

Ever lost a key and locked yourself out? Not pleasant, but not a disaster because of Amsterdam Locksmith near you. We offer you a 24-hour service, if you lose your key or if a lock no longer works. With a simple phone call to 020 – 218 43 05 you can contact us, after which we will come to you as soon as possible and professionally open the lock and repair it if necessary. So you never have to stand in front of your own closed door for long. Not even at night.