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Change locks

If you let us replace your locks, you have no worries and the work will be solved professionally and accurately. Locks come in many shapes and sizes and it is often a search for the right lock. Would you like to have a new lock installed? No problem at all with our authorized technicians!

3 gradations within the SKG-certified locks:

Within the SKG locks you can distinguish the following three types:

Change the lock by yourself

Replacing a door lock can be done yourself in some cases. It is not advisable for all types of locks to handle the assembly yourself. For example, do you want to replace a basic lock for an interior door yourself? Then you can use the step-by-step plan below:

Step 1 Determine the type of lock you wish to place on the door. You usually choose different door locks for an interior door than for your exterior or barn door. Inform well in advance which type of lock best suits your needs.

Step 2 Determine whether the door in question is left- or right-hinged according to the European Standard.

Step 3 Determine the height for the door lock, usually this is at 105 centimeters. Now place the lock on the left or right side of the door and draw the top and bottom of the lock on the door with a pencil. Using a square, draw the line through to the narrow side of the door. Determine the center by drawing a centerline and place the lock case on the centerline. Mark the outline with a pencil. The hole to be drilled has now been determined and marked on the door.

Step 4 Measure the total lock case depth including the strike plate, which is recessed into the wood and determine the depth of the lock hole. Drill out the lock hole. It is important that the door lock fits exactly and does not pinch in order to provide optimal security and to function properly.

Step 5 After drilling out the hole, straighten it with a chisel. Finish the hole neatly while continuing to check that the door lock fits.

Step 6 Place the lock in the hole and trace the lock plate with a pencil. Remove the lock from the hole before starting step 7.

Stap 7 Om de slotplaat precies in de deur te laten vallen steekt u de afgetekende omtrek zo´n 3 mm uit met een beitel.

Step 8 Hold the lock against the side of the door again and mark the holes for the door handle and keyhole. Or poke a hole in these places with an awl.

Step 9 Drill out the holes for the door handle and keyhole with a drill diameter with the same pin thickness as the door handle and keyhole. You can file the holes with a narrow wood file.

Step 10 Place the door lock back into the hole provided and secure it with long wood screws. Then place the fittings and fasten the door handle firmly.

Step 11 Mark the striker plate on the frame and do this very accurately.

Step 12 The entire circumference of the striker plate should be extended about 3 mm with a chisel, so that it fits well into the frame. The holes for the deadbolts and deadbolts must be exactly the same as the deadbolts and deadbolts. While carving, check whether the shots fit, so that you don’t accidentally make a hole too deep for the shots, which will not improve security.

Step 13 Attach the striker plate and carefully bend the protective lip of the striker. This can be done carefully with a plastic hammer, for example. The protective lip protects the frame when the door falls into the lock.

As you can see, placing a lock is not just a job and considerable accuracy is involved. Do you want to be assured of a professional installation of your door lock? Then choose installation by Locksmith Amsterdam. Our specialists ensure that the lock fits perfectly in your door and that you are well protected in your home or business premises. Contact us for the possibilities!

Replace your lock

The cost of replacing your locks depends on the work. If you only have the cylinder of your lock replaced, the costs are lower than if the complete lock may be replaced. The type of lock also plays a role in the price. A single lock can be replaced more easily than a multi-point lock. in the latter case, the new lock must have exactly the same dimensions as the old one (we can also adjust the lock, but this often costs more time and money).

Security locks

Veiligheidssloten zijn van de beste kwaliteit en bieden je de veiligheid die je verdient. Deze sloten zijn stevig en moeilijk te manipuleren. Hierdoor zijn ze inbraakwerend en dus extra veilig! De veiligheidssloten zijn SKG gecertificeerd en voldoen aan alle eisen van het Politiekeurmerk Veilig Wonen. Hierdoor zijn de veiligheidssloten perfect geschikt om jouw voordeur te beveiligen.

How long does it take before the door is open again.

As soon as the locksmith is present with you, he will first look at what the problem is. You will then receive a no-obligation quote from the locksmith so that you know exactly where you stand. The locksmith will start the work in consultation with you. In most cases, your door will be open again within 15 minutes.