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What is a multi-point closure

A multi-point lock is a lock that closes at 3 points. The first models came with block shots, these turned heavily and had to be replaced after about 10 years. Today’s multi-point locks are equipped with hooks, turn smoothly and if they are lubricated once or twice a year, they will last for decades.

The advantages of a multi-point lock

A multi-point lock is therefore particularly safe. It is a nice investment to purchase such a lock, but it does provide you with the following benefits:

Different multi-point locks

1. Three-point lock with key operation A multi-point lock can be operated in two ways. If your multi-point lock is cylinder operated, the door opens by means of a key in the cylinder. We also call this three-point lock a cylinder-operated multi-point lock. This is because by physically turning the key in the lock, you operate the latch bolt. This opening method is used on most front doors.

2.Three-point lock with crank operation If you operate the outside door on both sides with a door handle or a rotating knob, you can purchase or have installed a handle-operated three-point lock instead of a cylinder-operated three-point lock. The three-point lock reacts when you pull the door handle up. Relevant type of three-point locks are often used on rear doors.

3.Three-point lock with anti-panic closure These self-locking three-point locks automatically lock your door immediately after the relevant doors have closed. A comfortable and safe solution. The automatic ejection of the deadbolt ensures an insurance-certified closure. At the same time, the anti-panic function ensures that the door can always be opened in the escape direction via the door handle. Mechanical opening from the outside remains possible by operating the cylinder (and three-point lock) with a key.

4.Three-point lock for seniors A three-point lock for seniors in combination with senior fittings is a good solution for seniors. In the case of senior fittings, the stool control is placed at the bottom, so that seniors can operate the stool better. Efficacy of the multi-point lock works exactly the same as a normal multi-point lock, except that seniors need less force to open the relevant door.

5.Electric three-point lock Electric three-point locks always lock themselves the moment you close the door, even if there is an electrical failure. A big advantage of automatic three-point locks is that the lock always closes on three points, so you can never forget to lock a door.

Despite the door being locked at three points, no keys are required to open the door from the inside. The door can also be opened from above via the intercom, for example with general entrance doors. Of course there are also possibilities to open the door from the outside. For example with a tag, button or telephone.

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If you want to have a multi-point lock installed, you should definitely take into account that these are not particularly cheap. However, it does provide you with an excellent lock that also contributes to the burglary protection of your home. Because there are various types of multi-point locks for sale, their prices also vary. If you want to know what you pay for a well-fitting closure, it is best to get a quote first. You can request these via the contact form that you will find on our website. This is without obligation so that you are never obliged to accept it.